Thank you friend for visiting our site.
Although we are a registered charity, there is only so much needs we can meet.
Jesus did say, The poor will always be with us. If all the charities of the world
would unite, come together and feed the hungry, we could not meet all their needs.
Here at Go For God Belfast we are able to support orphanages in
The Philippines, India,
Africa the homeless in Belfast.            

 There is a bonus here as well

A team from our church goes into Belfast Town to feed and support the homeless.
They give them heavy, coats, pullovers, blankets, sleeping bags. Chips and Soup 
It is always sad when we hear one of them has died or taken their own life.
What more can we do ? We work the streets of Belfast helping the Alcoholic.
And Homeless. Giving them something to eat, a warm meal, a drink of water in His Name.
we also remind ourselves, we cannot help or support everyone.

The Poor You Have With You Always  John 12v8
We as a family of Born Again Christians need each other, we need YOUR prayers and,

and YOU also need ours. 
Drunk GirlStory-of-Hannah976152_funny-pictures-of-drunk-people-3          

IMG_0050  This is husband and wife William and Margaret
who heads our outreach team for the homeless. They do a hard wonderful job.